Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 1!

Hola! After a very long day of traveling Friday, we have arrived safely in Nica!  We met at the airport at 4:15 am (yikes!) for a 6:20 flight to Miami.  Upon arriving in Miami, we sat and blankly stared into space for 6 hours.  Long layovers are miserable in general, but are even more so when you slept 3 hours or less the previous night. The internet connection is having issues so it doesn't look like I can upload any videos yet.  Here are some pictures from this morning.  The younger boys had a semifinal soccer game and WON! Here's a fun game: watch Alisa progressively turn to the beautiful shade of lobster.  The little kids laugh because the gringos turn rojo in the sun! Anyways, God is already doing incredible things here and I can't wait to upload a more complete update.  Unfortunately, it is really late and we have to be up really early for church tomorrow.  Continue praying for our team and for every person we come in contact with.  God is revealing Himself in mighty ways!!

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